LitM: Halfway There

Three months ago I merrily tapped away at my keyboard thinking that getting the full story down on paper was half the battle.

I was wrong.

The first draft is just the opening battle in the war that is writing, from conception to publishing.

Put that way, I've just won my sixth battle. I have a complete manuscript, every character and plot point in place. I've cut all the dead grass and trimmed every decorative hedge down to its branches.

There are six more battles to win before the title of published author is mine. My next strategy focuses on developing the storylines of all the main characters and deepening their emotional connections. Also, now that I’ve culled the chaff, I need to add more relevant scenes and descriptions which will flesh out the bones I’ve left myself with.

Today I celebrate my halfway point achievement with this title reveal and snapshot of my current writing station (the coffee table in front of the sofa). I’ve always used Living in the Moment as the working title for this novel but until I could fully explore the plot, I didn’t want to announce it. Of course there’s still time for it to change, but I feel that Living in the Moment encapsulates the core of what this story is about. Plus, I’ve become very attached to it over the years…

I might still be six battles (at least!) from winning the war, but celebrating the little victories keeps morale high and I’m excited to get my teeth into the next stage!